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Q: What is karate?
A: karate is the study of fighting techniques that help strengthen the mind, body, and spirit in order to increase confidence and learn self-defense.
Q: Why do you meditate?
A: We meditate in order to clear our minds of all distractions so that we can concentrate on karate. This helps us be more open to learning and have more focus during class.
Q: What style of karate do you study?
A: We study traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu. We belong to an organization called IOGKF (International Okinawan Karate-do Federation).
Q: Do I have to have a uniform?
A: New students are not required to wear a uniform, or gi, until they are eligible to test for their first rank.
Q: What is Goju?
A: Goju or Goju-Ryu is a style of karate. It was developed in Okinawa, Japan during the 18th century. Go means “hard,” Ju means “soft,” and Ryu means “style” or “family.”
Q: Does your school compete in tournaments?
A: Yes, we have a tournament team that you can join after you have competed a few times and feel that it is something you want to do.
Q: Why do people in karate bow?
A: Bowing in karate is a sign of respect. This display of respect is often shown between two students, or a student and a teacher. In western culture, it can be equated to a handshake.
Q: Do you teach how to use any weapons?
A: Yes, our dojo teaches weapons, such as bo, nunchaku, sai, and escrima. All students must first reach green belt or the rank of 7th kyu before they can start learning weapons.
Q: Why do people in karate bow to the front of the class?
A: We are bowing to the founders of our karate style. It is a sign of remembrance and respect to the founding fathers and masters of the style. Some people like to think of it as a thank you.
Q: Do I have to be physically fit to join karate?
A: No, personal fitness is not a requirement to join a karate school. Many people, though, find that they become more fit after they have participated in classes and given their best.
Q: Why do you “yell?”
A: On the point of impact when we strike or punch, we yell, or kiai, in order to focus our energy, and increase our power to the maximum amount possible.
Q: If I have an injury, disability or health problem can I still participate in karate?
A: Yes, karate is for anyone that is willing to give it a try. Many good karate students have been blind, paralyzed, or suffered from illnesses like diabetes.


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