5th Kyu Test

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Neko Achi-Dachi:
  • moving forward and backward
  • moving and kicking
  • moving side to side, with hiki-uke, chudan mae-geri
  • moving at a 45% angle, with hiki-uke, chudan mae-geri

  • Zuki/Uchi/Ate:
  • tetsui-uchi: hammer fist strike

  • Keri:
  • furi-geri: crescent kick, inside and outside

  • Renzoku:
    (Executed from shiko-dachi)
  • yoko oi-zuki, gyaku-zuki, mae-geri
  • (Executed from zenkutsu-dachi)
  • empi-ate, jodan uraken-uchi, gedan barai-uke, gyaku-zuki
  • chudan mae-geri, jodan mawashi-geri, ushiro-geri
  • mae-geri, yoko-geri, mawashi-geri, gyaku-zuki
  • mae-geri, mawashi-geri, gyaku-zuki, kakato otashi

  • Kumite:
  • iri kumi
  • (Executed While Moving)
  • slide up, backfist, reverse punch, ridge hand
  • slide up, jab, reverse punch, hook punch
  • jab, slide up, hook kick, reverse punch
  • jab, reverse punch, step, reverse punch, step, reverse punch

  • Kata:
  • sanchin
  • gekisai-dai ichi
  • gekisai-dai ni
  • saifa

  • Bunkai:
    (age 14 and up)
  • gekisai-dai ichi
  • gekisai-dai ni

  • Makiwara:
  • gyaku-zuki
  • mae-geri
  • mawashi-geri
  • kizami-zuki
  • ura-zuki
  • ushiro-geri

  • Hojo Undo:
  • push ups: 60
  • sit ups: 60
  • squats: 60
  • Who was Jin'an Shinzato Sensei?: He was Miyagi Chojun Sensei's Successor before World War 2
  • What happened to Jin'an Shinzato Sensei in World War 2?: He died
  • Where did Kanryo Higaonna go to train after his dad was killed?: Fuzhou, China
  • What Style of Te, did Kanryo Higaonna teach?: Naha, Te

  • Focus:


    = Required for Black Stripe
    = Required for Red Stripe
    = Required for White Stripe
    = Required for Blue Stripe
    = Required for Green Stripe
    = Required for Yellow Stripe


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