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The best place in the Yakima Valley to train Karate and Martial Arts, right here in Selah

Goju-Ryu Karate of Selah is dedicated to bringing great martial arts programs (Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate) and services to the City of Selah and the Yakima Valley. Our members join for many different reasons such as Fitness, Self Defense, Wellness, Competition, and Personal Development. Whatever your reasons for starting, we will help you better yourself in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Our World Class Team Of Karate Educators will always provide the highest level of martial arts experience for all students at all levels.



Teen & Adult

An age specific martial arts education program for ages 4 and 5. This class is a mix of fun and discipline. Children will learn the basic skills of Karate, develop fine motor and listening skills as well as respect for others.
An age specific martial arts education program for ages 6 to 12. Children will learn the basic techniques and philosophy of traditional karate such as respect, trying one's best, and being a good person.
Students will begin to learn the depth of this Okinawan fighting art that has been passed down through generations. Traditional martial arts are designed to train for one's whole life, so students may start at any age and physical condition and will learn at their own pace and ability.


Come in today to try a free trial. See for yourself why our families join and remain members for a lifetime of Karate!
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Goju-Ryu Karate of Selah

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Call or Text: (509) 961-6766

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